Every year, Westlake High School offers yearbook sales early.  Students are encouraged to purchase them early and told that availability is limited.  Yearbooks are sold up to the date of submission for print.  At that time, Westlake orders hundreds of extras above the actual sale count.  Each year, there are several unsold books that Westlake pays for.  We always try to estimate the number of students that may try to purchase a yearbook during the last week of school.  This estimate is based on past sales and student growth.  The same procedure was followed this year.  Hundreds of extra books were ordered.  Unfortunately, they sold out, and there aren’t any other books available.

If Westlake can order more yearbooks, they we will try to do this.  We will take names on a waiting list and ask for payment.  If more books cannot be ordered, then we will refund the cost of late orders.  There is not a guarantee that the books will arrive before July, or that additional books can be ordered at the cost of $80.

We apologize for anyone that did not get a book.  Westlake sold every book that we had, including courtesy copies that were given to some personnel, so as many students as possible could have a book.

To pay for and order a book, please contact the finance office at 801-610-8818.

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