Welcome to Aspire

The Aspire test will be administered by our Math, Science and English teachers. Other classes should not be impacted beyond the modified schedule which will be in place April 23rd-April 26th. All of the Science classes will be testing during class from April 16th-19th and this should only impact science classes. The first two days of the modified schedule will be the same with period A1/B5 and A2/B6 being 100 minutes and period A3/B7 and A4/B8 being 66 minutes long. April 25th and 26th will be modified with the 100 minute class periods being the second half of the day. We are asking the English teachers to administer the English test during the class periods that are only 66 minutes and the reading test during the 100 minute class periods. Math teachers will administer the test during the 100 minute class period.

Tuesday, April 23rd & Wednesday, April 24th (Day 1 & 2 of modified schedule)

1st        7:45-9:25         (100 min)
2nd       9:31-11:11       (100 min)
First Lunch
Lunch 11:11-11:51      (40 min)
3rd        11:57-1:03       (66 min)
Second Lunch
3rd        11:17-12:23     (66 min)
Lunch 12:23-1:03        (40 min)
4th        1:09-2:15         (66 min)

Thursday, April 25th & Friday, April 26th (Day 3 and 4 of modified schedule)

1st        7:45-8:51         (66 min)
2nd       8:57-10:03       (66 min)
First Lunch
Lunch 10:03-10:43      (40 min)
3rd        10:49-12:29     (100 min)
Second Lunch
3rd        10:09-11:49     (100 min)
Lunch 11:49-12:29      (40 min)
4th        12:35-2:15       (100 min)