Class of 2020 Information

Congratulations Class of 2020!

Congratulations to our extremely resilient seniors who entered the world in the wake of 9/11 and graduated during a pandemic. You are strong. You are capable. This experience has allowed you to have such a unique outlook on life and on the world–no one else will ever have. We, as Westlake faculty and staff, are excited and are anticipating the upcoming events to celebrate the Class of 2020.

  • The Class of 2020 Commencement Exercises will consist of Westlake’s traditional program, including, The National Anthem, speakers, musical numbers, presentation of graduates, a senior highlight video, moving their tassels, and school song.
  • Each senior will be highlighted (footage recorded during the Grad Video Picture days (5/13 – 5/18), in their cap and gown and in front of the “W”—just like at our traditional graduation at BYU.
  • Graduates and families will be able to watch Westlake’s Virtual Graduation in their homes, in its entirety, on Thursday, May 28th at 6:30pm. It will be accessible at
  • A firework show will complete the night events at 9:30pm.  Further details will be coming.

May Event Outline

Click on image below for the full list of events in PDF

Cap, Gown, Tassel & Stole Pick Up
(Including Cords--if applicable)

May 6th Schedule

● A-Ce (senior last name) from 8:30am-10:30am
● Ch-Go (senior last name) from 10:30am-12:30pm
● Gr-Ke (senior last name) from 12:30pm-2:30pm

May 7th Schedule

● Ki-N (senior last name) from 8:30am-10:30am

May 8th Schedule

● O-Sh (senior last name) from 8:30am-10:30am
● Si-Z (senior last name) from 10:30am-12:30pm
See the logistical map here!

Picking Up Pre-Purchased Items

Seniors who have already purchased cap, gown and/or tassel through Jostens, will pick up in front of the school (main loop). Seniors who are eligible and have paid for honor cord(s) will receive them at that same time.

Need to Purchase Items While Picking Up

Seniors who have NOT PURCHASED cap, gown and/or tassel through Jostens, will need to go to the auxiliary gym exterior doors on the north side of Westlake (where football tickets are purchased) to buy items needed for graduation.

Other Information

  • Please adhere to the day and time that corresponds to senior last name.
  • ALL seniors will have a live picture taken for the virtual graduation and must be in graduation attire. (Cap, gown, 2020 tassel, and stole–navy cap & gown for boys, light blue cap & gown for girls). Cords and medals (if applicable) should also be worn. LEI’S cannot be worn when pictures are taken. Caps cannot be decorated in any way and should be worn level on the head, parallel to the ground, not on the back of the head. Tassels should be worn on the right side of the cap.
  • Each senior will receive a packet that includes: Senior Information for the month of May, a personalized card that has the senior name, specific date and time for grad pictures (place card on car dash for the appointment), and a map to help you know where to go for picture days.
  • All cars will need to enter Thunder Blvd. via 400 north. WE MUST KEEP THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC ORGANIZED TO ACCOMMODATE ALL 775 SENIORS.
  • Honor cords can be pre-purchased through May 5th at 3pm. After this time, honor cords will need to be purchased when picking up cap and gown; on the east side of the school (east “A” hall doors). To ensure efficient distribution days, pre-purchase is strongly encouraged.

Grad Video Pictures & Diploma Handout

  • Each senior will arrive 10 minutes early from their scheduled time, in their cap & gown, for their picture appointment–the scheduled time is printed on the card that was given at cap and gown pick up. Immediate family may accompany their senior (one car only).
  • A card of each senior’s specific day and time was given in the packet that was picked up during cap and gown distribution days. Please place this on the dash of your car when coming to this appointment. All cars will need to enter Thunder Blvd. via 400 north.  WE MUST KEEP THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC ORGANIZED TO ACCOMMODATE ALL 775 SENIORS.  Faculty/staff members and signs will assist in directing where to go as you get closer to the school.
  • Diplomas will be handed out
  • Stoles will be returned and candle will be given to senior (for Senior Dinner Dance) when exiting
  • Yearbooks will be picked up (pre-purchased) when exiting
  • Picture opportunities include large blow-up Thor in back courtyard, large hammer (used at graduations), Mighty Thunder flag, and lighted “W”. The picture in front of the large hammer will be professionally taken and will be a free download if chosen to do so.
  • Please be patient–this process could take up to 40 minutes to complete. Parents and seniors will need to stay in their car until a staff member allows them to enter the school. We ask that you stay to the allotted time you were given.  If you come early, you will still have to wait until your scheduled time. If you miss your time, you will not be able to make it up–we will use your yearbook picture on the virtual graduation video.

Award Nights

Whether you have achieved excellence in academics, or are a pathway completer in CTE or have succeeded in fine arts, or have reached your full potential as an athlete…we want to celebrate YOU and your many accomplishments at our awards nights.

Senior Evening Of Excellence

Pictures and awards will be done on May 12th from 4-9pm. The link will be released on May 21st @ 5pm  **This is by invitation only**

CTE Awards

Awards will be taken to recipients homes, during the day, on May 15th. Video link will be released @ 7pm on

Fine Arts & Debate Gala

The Fine Arts and Debate Gala will air on May 19th at 5pm on  Thunder Night Lights to follow at 8pm. More details on this event to come.

Thunder Awards

Thunder Awards will air on May 27th at 5pm on  Thunder Night Lights to follow at 8pm.  More details on this event to come.

"Our Vision. Our Victory."

Senior Dinner Dance--Quarantine Style

The Senior Dinner Dance will air on Friday, May 22nd at 6:30pm on  Further details to come.

Thunder Scholar List--Top 10%

This ranking is calculated using a formula that includes GPA, ACT and AP/Concurrent courses. Seniors who feel they have been missed or miscalculated need to contact Mr. Twitchell at [email protected].  All appeals will need to be done by Tuesday, May 5th.  A congratulatory letter will be sent home this week. **Names are not in order of ranking**

  • Allen, Isaac
  • Allen, Simon
  • Baird, Abigail
  • Bee, Austin
  • Blair, Ashley
  • Blaser, Anna
  • Borsky, Julia
  • Bos, Nathan
  • Bosley, Katelyn
  • Bradshaw, Tyler
  • Brown, Emma
  • Buxton, Tyson
  • Camargo, Isabella
  • Capener, Amara
  • Celaya, Jonathan
  • Clawson, Zachary
  • Davis, Caleb
  • Dawson, Aaliyah
  • Dennon, Justin
  • Derieg, Colin
  • Dille, Jessica
  • Dipko, Kealani
  • Eichelberger, Brayden
  • Fallon, Andrew
  • Ferreira, Mariana
  • Foster, McKenna
  • Gibby, Jared
  • Gomez, Cossette
  • Gregory, Susanna
  • Grettum, Isaak
  • Halliday, Garet
  • Hansen, Michal
  • Harper, Dustin
  • Harper, Ethan
  • Harrison, Ariana
  • Hatch, Trevor
  • Hopfenbeck, Taylor
  • Howard, Jacob
  • Jacob, Andrew
  • Jensen, Molly
  • Jepson, James
  • Judy, Bryce
  • Kolowich, Huey
  • Marble, Ryan
  • Marsh, Karilyn
  • Mattinson, Lucy
  • Maxwell, Nathan
  • McConkie, Bryce
  • Miller, Colby
  • Morton, Devin
  • Nelson, Chole
  • Nielsen, Kolton
  • Nilsson, Emma
  • Pack, Maya
  • Palmer, Gunnar
  • Pasi, Kesaia
  • Peang, Cynthea
  • Pugmire, Hadleigh
  • Rice, Ashley
  • Saville, Madison
  • Schipaanboord, Kimball
  • Sellick, Mark
  • Shawgo, Matt
  • Smallwood, Kaiya
  • Smith, Tanner
  • Sorensen, Allison
  • Stephenson, Wesley
  • Stevens, Kamrie
  • Stewart, Christina
  • Stoddard, Kylee
  • Thompson, Katelyn
  • Thorn, Ashton
  • Thornton, Sarah
  • Triggs, Kenneth
  • Tuttle, Emily
  • Westphal, Kyler
  • Willden, Isaac
  • Wilson, Kameron
  • Woodrum, Mackenzie
  • Wootton, Aidan
  • Young, Matthew

High Honor & Honor Cord Lists

High Honor Cord List

High honor recognition is a student’s cumulative GPA of 3.9 – 4.0 throughout high school.  The students listed below are eligible to wear 2 cords for graduation, showing your effort and dedication as a high achieving student.  Cords are $6 each, and can be purchased (by 3pm on May 5th) HERE. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment!

  • Albrecht, Emily
  • Allen, Isaac J.
  • Allen, Simon J.
  • Anderson, Kale S.
  • Bankhead, Anna M.
  • Barnes, Alexis J.
  • Barrus, Abigail M.
  • Barton, Brinlee S.
  • Bastian, Brielle
  • Beagley, Abigail B.
  • Beck, Kamden S.
  • Bee, Austin T.
  • Blair, Ashley M.
  • Blaser, Anna J.
  • Blomquist, Kyle D.
  • Borsky, Julia S.
  • Botelho, Patriot J.
  • Botnari, Dana
  • Bradbury, Jessi R.
  • Brainard, McCall H.
  • Brennan, Hope T.
  • Briscoe, Kaitlynne E.
  • Burdette, Nathan R.
  • Buxton, Tyson O.
  • Call, Macklyn
  • Camargo, Isabelle T.
  • Capener, Amara N.
  • Celaya, Jonathan T.
  • Chaney, Samantha J.
  • Clark, Thomas
  • Coe, Gavin T.
  • Coleman, Kaylee A.
  • Colson, Adrian V.
  • Davis, Anna E.
  • Davis, Caleb M.
  • Derieg, Colin H.
  • Dille, Jessica
  • Dipko, Kealani J.
  • Drakulich, Harmony
  • Draper, Spencer P.
  • Durrant, Kelsie A.
  • Fallon, Andrew C.
  • Ferreira, Mariana P.
  • Foster, Mckenna R.
  • Freeman, Larry C.
  • Gammell, Elizabeth A.
  • Gibby, Jared A.
  • Gregory, Susanna M.
  • Grettum, Isaak J.
  • Halliday, Garet M.
  • Hammons, Lily B.
  • Hamner, Zoe S.
  • Hansen, Dallin R.
  • Hansen, Michal
  • Harper, Dustin J.
  • Harper, Ethan W.
  • Hatch, Trevor I.
  • Heer, Kyle R.
  • Hill, Devan T.
  • Hoffman, Alexa A.
  • Hopfenbeck, Taylor L.
  • Howard, Jacob M.
  • Irvine, Aleck X.
  • Jacob, Andrew M.
  • Jensen, Molly R.
  • Jepson, James D.
  • Jones, Alexander M.
  • Jones, Nicolas C.
  • Jordan, Noah B.
  • Judy, Bryce T.
  • Kidd, Hannah N.
  • Killian, Jacob T.
  • Klingonsmith, Emily L.
  • Lovejoy, Michaela D.
  • MacKay, Kalli
  • Mattinson, Lucy M.
  • McCullough, Kailynn
  • Miller, Colby J.
  • Milligan, Raif A.
  • Morton, Devin R.
  • Nelson, Chloe J.
  • Nielsen, Kolton K.
  • Nilsson, Emma J.
  • Norwood, Lauren M.
  • Oviatt, Mckenna N.
  • Pack, Maya N.
  • Parker, Hadley
  • Parker, Jasmine N.
  • Payne, Hayley A.
  • Peang, Cynthea T.
  • Peaslee, Andrew S.
  • Pederson, Alora M.
  • Pickett, Cierra M.
  • Pitcher, Isaac D.
  • Pugmire, Hadleigh B.
  • Remington, Kelsie R.
  • Rice, Ashley M.
  • Rigamoto, Mya V.
  • Robison, Megan C.
  • Romans, Braxton
  • Roth, Virginia S.
  • Saville, Madison
  • Scivally, Erika L.
  • Shumway, Brianna K.
  • Shumway, Kynsie L.
  • Smith, Tanner M.
  • Stark, Bronwyn E.
  • Stephenson, Wesley J.
  • Stevens, Kamrie J.
  • Stewart, Christina
  • Sticht, Anna D.
  • Stoddard, Kylee M.
  • Thompson, Katelyn
  • Thorn, Ashton R.
  • Thornton, Sarah E.
  • Traveller, Sydney L.
  • Tuttle, Emily E.
  • Urbina, Kelsea
  • Wakley, Natalie M.
  • Webb, Elizabeth
  • Westphal, Kyler J.
  • Whited, Callie N.
  • Willden, Isaac J.
  • Wixom, Kamaya S.
  • Woodbury, Talia N.
  • Woodrum, Mackenzie C.
  • Wootton, Aidan J.
  • Young, Matthew S.

Honor Cord List

Honor recognition is a student’s cumulative GPA of 3.7 – 3.899 throughout high school.  The students listed below are eligible to wear 1 cords for graduation, showing your effort and dedication as a high achieving student.  Cords are $6 each, and can be purchased (by 3pm on May 5th) HERE. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment!

  • Adams, Ceanna
  • Adamson, Caleb
  • Allen, Ethan M.
  • Allen, Kanza D.
  • Allen, Leah J.
  • Andam, Katelyn A.
  • Anderson, Clara J.
  • Anderson, Kellan A.
  • Ashcraft, Zack D.
  • Austill, Samantha
  • Azevedo, Eric R.
  • Baird, Abigail S.
  • Baird, Madison B.
  • Baker, McKayla G.
  • Balderree, Zachary J.
  • Ballamis, Carson E.
  • Balser, Breven M.
  • Barnard, Cody L.
  • Barrett, Ashley C.
  • Bennett, Landen R.
  • Bird, Mikelle
  • Bohn, Teagan E.
  • Bone, Jonathan
  • Bos, Nathan L.
  • Bosley, Katelyn A.
  • Bradshaw, Tyler
  • Brown, Emma K.
  • Brown, Madison S.
  • Bryan, Michaela M.
  • Butler, Blythe C.
  • Byrd, Brylee K.
  • Call, Jay A.
  • Cameron, Alisha L.
  • Carlile, Grace
  • Carpenter, Halle J.
  • Clawson, Zachary C.
  • Collier, Benjamin T.
  • Dalton, Oakley B.
  • Dawson, Aaliyah
  • Dean, Cole J.
  • Dennon, Justin E. JR
  • Derington, Jacob W. JR
  • DeWitt, Trek C.
  • Doller, Ethan L.
  • Duke, Carly R.
  • Earley, Alaric M.
  • Elmer, Samantha J.
  • England, Kyler D.
  • Evans, Tyler D.
  • Fisher, Ellie L.
  • Follett, Haylee A.
  • Fritcher, Alexander E.
  • Glass, Sydney A.
  • Gomez, Cossette Y.
  • Gonzalez Lopez, Evelyn
  • Gourley, Thomas J.
  • Gray, Katelyn L.
  • Griffiths, Acacia E.
  • Gubler, Daniel R.
  • Gunter, Barbara M.
  • Gwilliam, Hannah L.
  • Hamblin, Elizabeth
  • Hamlet, Kaetlen M.
  • Hanzel, Julie A.
  • Hardy, Brynne L.
  • Harward, Kylee J.
  • Haslam, Parker J.
  • Hastings, Brady P.
  • Herrera, Anston J.
  • Hintze, Braden K.
  • Hobson, Logan D.
  • Holley, Ethan
  • Huscroft, Devanie T.
  • Hyland, Isabelle K.
  • Ibrahim, Abdiqadir A.
  • Jacobson, Leah M.
  • James, Kaya MaKenzie
  • Jessup, Ilse L.
  • Jex, Sarah
  • Katoa, Loseli Alan
  • Kersey, Scarlett M.
  • King, Emily M.
  • Kolowich, Huey J.
  • Landaverde, Viviana S.
  • Larsen, Nathan R.
  • Larsen, Zoie M.
  • Lifferth, Zachary P.
  • Long, Gavin N.
  • Lundgren, Kaylia A.
  • Marsh, Karilyn A.
  • Massey, Connor D.
  • Mata, Isabelle S.
  • Maxwell, Nathan C.
  • Mayo, Kathryn J.
  • McConkie, Bryce J.
  • McNeil, Jared E.
  • Mecham, Mallory M.
  • Michaelson, Daniel C.
  • Moli, Brianna L.
  • Moreno, Magda C.
  • Morgan, Jaxon C.
  • Morris, Matthew C.
  • Nash, Cohen M.
  • Nelson, Halley J.
  • Nelson, Holly C.
  • Nuttall, Ambrie M.
  • O’Connor, Ailee
  • Olney, Aspyn
  • Olsen, James D.
  • Palmer, Gunner
  • Parker, Harlee J.
  • Pasi, Kesaia R.
  • Perez, Jessica
  • Petersen, Jasmine E.
  • Powell, Samuel R.
  • Pratt, Josie L.
  • Rallison, Colin J.
  • Raventos, Joshua
  • Reaves, Megan M.
  • Remund, Nathan I.
  • Reynolds, Emma C.
  • Roberts, Seth M.
  • Ross, Sadie P.
  • Roth, Bennett E.
  • Royce, Kelsey
  • Sadler, Nicole A.
  • Sampson, Ina S.
  • Santos, Kristen I.
  • Schiess, Cortnie A.
  • Schafler, David James
  • Schipaanboord, Kimball
  • Sellick, Mark J.
  • Shaw, Nicole L.
  • Shawgo, Matthew R.
  • Sherman, Heather M.
  • Sherwood, Lauren K.
  • Sherwood, Zachary A.
  • Shimamoto, Lydia M.
  • Smallwood, Kaiya M.
  • Smith, Heather S.
  • Smith, Makayla A.
  • Smith, Trevor G.
  • Soward, Isabel A.
  • Stone, Rebecca D.
  • Stott, Annabelle
  • Taylor, Jenna
  • Taylor, Jenna A.
  • Taylor, Trent A.
  • Thompson, Ethan J.
  • Triggs, Kenneth S.
  • Uy, Natalie
  • Webb, Isaac K.
  • West, Bonnie H.
  • Willford, Elizabeth R.
  • Wirick, Ethan
  • Wycherly, Daniel J.
  • Yates, Robert J.
  • Yates, Taylor K.
  • Young, Morgan A.

Senior Yard Signs

Senior yard signs have been delivered!  If you did not receive one, please contact Ms. Bitton at [email protected].  We want all seniors and early grads to get one!

Graduation Speaker Information

Seniors interested in speaking at graduation, click below for more information. The audition deadline is May 4th.

Read More

Civics Test Requirement

All seniors must pass the state required Civics Test to graduate.  Log in with your Skyward ID.  Take the test HERE.