Applying for scholarships can be a taunting task however, we highly encourage all students to apply for scholarships sometime through their high school career. This page is designed to help parents and students determine what can be applied for and help with pursuing a higher education path. We have also included information regarding financial aid and student loans.

Scholarship List

Westlake High is committed to help students apply and earn every possible scholarship possible.  CLICK HERE for a full list of scholarships available!

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is any grant or scholarship, loan, or paid employment offered to help a student meet his/her college expenses.  This aid is usually provided by various sources such as federal and state agencies, colleges, high schools, foundations, and corporations.  The amount of financial aid that a student receives is determined through federal, state and institutional guidelines.  Grants include aid the student receives that need not be repaid; loans must be repaid.  Interest rates and repayment terms very by program.  Employment is aid based on an hourly rate for work performed.

Federal Student Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (known as the FAFSA) is a form that can be prepared annually by current and prospective college students (undergraduate and graduate) in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid (including the Pell Grant, Federal student loans and Federal Work-Study). The FAFSA should be filled out by ALL Senior students!  This is the gateway to most financial aide programs. Despite its name, the application is not for a single federal program, but the following: 1.) 9 Federal Student-Aid Programs, 2.) 605 State Aid Programs, and 3.) Most of the institutional aid available.

Sterling Scholar

A Sterling Scholar is a high school senior who is publicly recognized and awarded for the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship in the State of Utah.   Click on the logo to go directly to the Sterling Scholar Website.

A potential Sterling Scholar presents an all-encompassing portfolio on their work in a specific category and is interviewed by judges in the category’s field at various times.  Sterling Scholars are awarded at the high school, semi-final and finals levels.

The Deseret News and KSL Broadcast Group developed the program especially to focus attention on outstanding seniors in order to recognize them publicly as well as award cash scholarships and tuition waivers from participating institutions. The Sterling Scholar Awards Program seeks to commend and encourage excellence among all nominees. Applications are available in the Counseling Office.

Regents Scholarship

The Regents’ Scholarship is modified each year as a result of legislation. It is important that you use the website as your resource for the most up-to-date information.

The Regents’ Scholarship encourages Utah high school students to prepare for college academically and financially by taking a core course of study and saving for college. The scholarship may be used at any public college or university in the Utah System of Higher Education, as well as at Brigham Young University-Provo, LDS Business College, and Westminster College.

Boys & Girls State

Available to students who have completed their junior year of high school.

The American Legion Boys and Girls State program is the country’s premiere summer youth program designed to develop leadership and promote civic responsibility in young adults.  Students participate in hands-on workshops on democracy and government.

Boys State

Girls State