Student Declaration & Out of Area Requests...Going on Now!

Alpine School District has provided a timeline for next year’s seniors to declare which high school they want to attend for the 2019-20 school year. The timeline is as follows:
Nov 12th – Current Juniors at Westlake will be given the opportunity of declaring their preference to attend Westlake or Cedar Valley. Juniors will be given a declaration form to take home to review with their parents. The forms need to be returned to the Counseling Center with both student and parent signatures.
Nov 30th – All declaration forms are due. If a declaration form is not submitted, then ASD will presume that the student wants to attend their boundary school.

Miscellaneous Information:

  1. All declaration forms will be kept confidential and will not be shared with staff members. Staff members will be instructed not to ask students what they declared.
  2. It is important that students and parents take time to review their decision. Students who commit to a school may not be able to change schools.
  3. Committing to a school determines UHSAA eligibility. Students who commit to a school will have to go through an appeal process with UHSAA, if they change their minds. Likewise, staffing at each school is determined by the number of students who commit to each school. Available space at a school could limit opportunities for decisions made after November 30th.
  4. Current Sophomores and Freshman will need to apply as an out-of-area student if they wish to attend a non-boundary school. This is the same process that other students follow when requesting to attend any non-boundary school. Out-of-Area forms can be found under Student Services on the ASD website.
  5. Staffing assignments at Westlake and Cedar Valley will be determined after November 30th and student counts for both schools have been determined.

Officials from ASD, Westlake and Cedar Valley are committed to providing students with a positive high school experience. Mr. Twitchell and Mrs. Johnson are working to make an equitable split and providing high quality instruction and programs at both schools.

Timeline and Information Letter and Declaration (English)
Timeline and Information Letter & Declaration (Spanish)
Instructions for Out of Area Applications
Need Additional Information?
  • Westlake High School 801-610-8815
  • Cedar Valley High School 801-610-8825