Welcome to the Counseling Office!

Welcome to the Counseling Office! We want to provide you with the best support and atmosphere for all students, parents, teachers and administration.  To accomplish this goal, we will try to focus on the needs of each individual and how to help everyone be successful in our school.  The Counseling Office will be happy to honor all student requests to visit with his/her counselor during lunch, or after school.  Students are admonished to stay in class and meet with counselors during the aforementioned times.

Who is MY counselor?

Counselors are assigned to students based on the last name of the student.

  • Kent Bills     A-B
  • Caleb Miller    C-Et
  • Jared Landvatter   Ev-Hi
  • Linda Pickering  Ho-L
  • Tarnue Ali   M-Pe
  • Erin Davis   Ph-Sn
  • Heather Austin   So-Z
Skyward Updates & Info

It is required that parents go into Skyward and update all information for every student with whom they have guardianship.  This is important, because it will allow you to update your emergency and check-out contacts, enter any health problems for your student, view and sign the Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), etc.  Students will not be able to use the school computers or Internet until the AUP is signed.  For a step-by-step tutorial on how this can be done, CLICK HERE!

Withdrawing Students

If you have moved or will be moving, you will need to go through the complete withdrawl process that begins with the registrar, Ms. Johnson.  She must know if a student will not be attending Westlake and where they will be moving to.  Please let us know as soon as possible.

Crisis Intervention

If you or your student are in need of Crisis Intervention, our Counseling Office can help you!  Crisis Interventions may include: suicidal thoughts, depression, and/or anxiety.  We can provide you with the necessary resources to recognize the symptoms and take appropriate steps to get help.  CLICK HERE for help!

Class Changes

Class changes are done online.  To request a class change, CLICK HERE.