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Jump Start Your Career Goals

CTE Career Pathways

What is a CTE Pathway?

  • A CTE Career Pathway is a sequence of classes within a student’s area of interest.
  • A Pathway connects a student from high school to college or a career with classroom learning, hands on training, internships and skill certificates recognized by most colleges and industry.

Why Complete a CTE Pathway?

  • Make high school more valuable by being deliberate in the courses you take
  • Make better decisions by taking CTE courses to help you decide what to study in college
  • Have the tools to succeed in a career after high school and/or in a technical school, two-year college, or four-year college
  • Earn industry certificates to make you more valuable in the workforce
  • Apply for CTE and industry scholarships
  • Provide students with technical training to prepare for a successful career

Why Complete a CTE Pathway?

  • You will get recognized at a special night in the spring of your Senior year
  • You will be awarded a medal to wear at graduation
  • You can apply for CTE Scholarships
  • You will gain the knowledge and experience needed to be successful in your chosen field after high school.
Laura Giles

Westlake High School CTE Specialist
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Room: B115B