Happy 10-year Anniversay Westlake!  After 3 years of construction, Westlake High School opened its doors for the first time in 2009 to over 1750 students: 9th-12th grades.  This year we anticipate over 3400 students from 10th-12th grades.  Wow!  What a difference one decade can make!  We serve the Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain and Cedar Fort/Fairfield areas.  The northwest communities of Utah County were eager to see this school open and serve the students of the area.  Westlake High brings fun, excitement and new opportunities to all students.

Quick Facts

  • 99 North Thunder Blvd. (200 West) Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
  • Main: 801-610-8815
  • Attendance: 801-610-8817
  • Counseling: 801-610-8816
  • Mascot: Thunder (Thor) “God of Thunder”
  • Type: Public
  • Enrollment: Approx. 3300 students (2018-19)
  • Grades: 10-12
  • Faculty: 115 Teachers, 7 Administrators, 9 Counselors
  • Feeder Elementary Schools: Black Ridge, Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eagle Valley, Harvest, Hidden Hollow, Mountain Trails, Pony Express, Riverview, Sage Hills, Saratoga Shores, Springside, and Thunder Ridge
  • Feeder Middle Schools: Vista Heights and Frontier
  • Accreditation: Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges
Mission Statement

LUX “Light”: Westlake High School students are a light and an example of integrity, leadership, empathy, and productivity.

VIRTUSExcellence”: Westlake High School promotes a standard of excellence in academics, innovation, and performance.


  • Support claims using valid and sufficient evidence in both verbal and written formats.
  • Apply math in real life situations.
  • Problem Solve.
  • Interact with others in a respectful and collaborative manner.