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Locker Rental Information

Lockers will not automatically be assigned. If your student would like to rent a locker, he/she will need to pay the locker rental fee of $2, fill out the Google Locker Request Form, as well as pay all required student fees. Although students have the ability to choose the hallway they prefer, lockers will only be given upon availability. After August 14th, locker assignments can be found under the Student Information Tab on Skyward. Each locker will only have one student–it will not be shared.

**Please note: Required student fees must be paid before optional fees (locker rental) can be purchased**

Locker Selection Checklist

  1. Pay all required student fees.
  2. Pay the locker rental fee of $2.
  3. Choose the hallway you prefer your locker to be in. (given upon availability)
  4. Fill out the Google Locker Request Form HERE.
  5. Go to the Student Information tab on your Skyward account after August 14th to find your locker number and combination.