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Lunch Information

General Information and Menus

NEW this year! The lunchroom will be switching to scanners–students will need to have their student ID ready to scan. Since we don’t have new ID cards until pictures are taken, students can use last year’s ID card. Pin pads will not be available to enter your student number to receive breakfast/lunch. CLICK HERE for the LINQ Connect Information Sheet.

NEW SOFTWARE & PARENT PORTAL–Alpine School District’s Nutritional Services is switching its software to better serve students. The new parent portal, LINQ CONNECT, will allow parents to:

  • Add money to their student’s account.
  • Transfer money between student accounts.
  • Complete Free/Reduced Applications.
  • View lunch menus–it will include allergy information for each meal.
  • Set up reminders and be alerted when our student’s account is running low.
  • Check your student’s purchase history to see the purchases they make.


  • Download the LINQ Connect app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Create an account by selecting register.
  • Confirm your account by clicking the verification link sent to your email.
  • Log in to the LINQ Connect app using your email and password.


  • Change will not be given to those who bring cash to the lunchroom. Any change from transactions will be added to the student’s lunch account.


  • Breakfast…………..$1.25
  • Lunch ………………$2.25
  • 2nd Meal…………..$5.00


  • Applications are open for the 2023-24 school year.
  • Online applications are preferred.
  • Free/Reduced status begins the day the application is approved and does not remove past lunch debts.

Q & A
How do I add my child’s account?
You will need to add your children to your LINQ Connect account. Click on + then Type and complete the information to link your child. You will need to complete this process for each child you wish to add.
How do I add money to my child’s account?
Once you have added your child to your LINQ Connect account, you can add money by clicking the Add Money to Account button on the dashboard or by clicking the Meal Account button on the student card. You can choose either One-Time Account Payment or New Recurring Payment with Auto Pay. If you select Add Money to Account, funds will be immediately available on your child’s account upon completion of the transaction. If you select New Recurring Payment with Auto Pay, you will be setting up an automatic payment. Please note that these funds will not be immediately available on your child’s account.
Can I set spending limits on my child’s account?
You can set specific spending limits on your child’s account only if your school district has added the spending limits feature. To determine if you have access, navigate to the Spending Limits card on the Meal Accounts page, and locate your student’s name. Click on the pencil to the right, where you can set a spending limit.
How do I set up recurring payments?
Click + and Add Money to Account. Click New Recurring Payment with Auto Pay. Enter the Payment Amount for each child, and set the Frequency, Day, Starting Date, Billing Address, Payment Method, and then click Save.
Can I receive a notification when my child’s account balance is low?
Yes. The system is defaulted to send an email reminder when the balance falls below $5.00. You can change the Payment Reminder by editing the dollar amount on the Payment Reminder card on the Meal Accounts page.
Can I apply for free/reduced meals on the app?
Yes. Click + and select Apply for Meal Today. Find your district, and then enter your information in the form. You can add an Income Form from the app by selecting + New Income Form.