Driver's Education

Welcome to Westlake High School and the Driver’s Education program.  This program is designed to assist students complete the Utah State Requirements and obtain a driver’s license.  Please refer to the tabs below to answer your questions.  We look forward in helping your student(s) achieve this milestone and become a safe, responsible driver.

Blended Courses
  • This course combines live classes on Mon, Tues, & Thurs for 12-15 class periods and On-Line course work thru Canvas.
  • Students have an opportunity to sign-up for the After School Course.
  • After school times are 1:30 – 3pm.
  • Make-up days are built in to schedule for students who miss due to illness.
  • All students enrolled must be enrolled in an Alpine School District school, and have an ASD e-mail address.
Blended Course Sessions
  • Quarter #1 Offering: September 1st – October 1st
  • Quarter #2 Offering: October 27th – December 3rd
  • Quarter #3 Offering: January 12th – February 11th
  • Quarter #4 Offering: March 29th – May 13th
On-Line Courses
  • This course of Driver Education is all on-line course work thru Canvas.
  • Students will have an opportunity to enroll in any one of 8 courses that will be offered during the school year.
  • Students who take the on-line course are highly encouraged to complete the course work within 6 weeks of the start date.
  • Each course has a start date and a registration deadline.
  • All students in the On-Line course must be students in the Alpine School District with an ASD email address.
  • Students who enroll in the On-Line course will receive instructions and an Invitation into Canvas approximately within one week prior to the start of the course.
On-Line Course Sessions
  • Course #1: Start Date – September 1st/Registration deadline September 7
  • Course #2: Start Date – October 5th/Registration deadline October 9th
  • Course #3: Start Date – November 2nd/Registration deadline November 6th
  • Course #4: Start Date – December 1st/Registration deadline December 7th
  • Course #5: Start Date – January 4th/Registration deadline January 8th
  • Course #6: Start Date – February 1st/Registration deadline February 5th
  • Course #7: Start Date – March 1st/Registration deadline March 2nd
  • Course #8: Start Date – May 3rd/Registration deadline May 7th

How do I sign up for Driver's Education?

There are two ways to register for the class.  You may sign up using the form (right), or you may contact the front office.  Students must be at least 15 years old and have their Utah Driver’s Permit (learner’s permit) in order to register.

How long is the Driver's Edcuation Class at Westlake High School?

The Driver’s Education class includes the classroom instruction, range orientation/observation, the new Street Smart computer simulator program and their driver’s education lab experience. This class is approximately 6 weeks.

What is the requirement to take the Driver's Education Class?

Everyone who enrolls in the Driver’s Education class at Westlake must be at least 15 years old and must have their Utah Driver’s Permit (learner’s permit) prior to the start of class.

What is the attendance policy for the Driver's Education Class?

Perfect attendance is vital to the student’s success in the class, on the range and on the road.  Students must attend classes, range, and road with a B or better (80%) to pass the course.

How much does the Driver's Education class cost at Westlake High School?

The $150 fee can be paid to the Westlake finance office or through MySchoolFees.  This includes:  classroom instruction, observation & range, as well as the road instruction and test, which are all Utah State requirements to obtain a driver’s license.

How do I schedule Range and Road for Driver's Education?

Range and Road are a required component of Driver’s Education.  Range and road make up 6 of the required 40 hours needed to drive, prior to obtaining a license.  Range is scheduled while in the class. Their road instructor will be assigned after completion of range.  All students are encouraged to schedule road when they have completed their 40+ hours of driving and are ready to be tested.

What if I took my Driver's Education class through East Shore? How do I schedule range and road?

Just email Mr. O’Connor at [email protected] Tell him you took your class through East Shore and need to schedule your range. He will send you a link. Your road instructor will be assigned after you complete range.

Street Smarts

Insurance and crash costs can be significantly reduced for teen drivers and their parents with our proven online training course focused on addressing the 5 most common causes of crashes.

Street Smarts 101

WHS Driver's Education Website

Find more Driver's Education Information through our very own Driver's Education website!


Traffic Safety & Trends Exam

Effective January 1, 2016, in compliance with House Bill 147, applicants applying for an original or provisional Class D license are required to pass this additional knowledge test prior to receiving a permanent license.