The State Board of Education released an absenteeism letter in September 2016.  It is extremely important to have your student(s) attend school everyday.  Alpine School District views and understands the importance of good attendance–you can read about that here.  Make sure you are aware of the attendance policy (below) at Westlake High School.  In an effort to help track your students’ attendance, please sign up in Skyward to receive email notifications.  To excuse absences, tardies, etc., please email [email protected]


Quick Facts

  1. A parent may not excuse past tardies.  Students are allowed 3 tardies per term, per class.
  2. If your student was marked incorrectly, please email the teacher, they are the only ones that can change the attendance record.
  3. Skyward is your best resource to see all of your student’s attendance and look at their grades.  This will also show you if they have an NC in their class, which means there is an attendance issue.
  4. It may take up to 24 hours for Skyward to update.
  5. Checkouts cannot be done through email or voicemail.

Checking Out Students

  • Alpine School District requires a legal guardian or a person authorized by the guardian to sign for your student to be released from school during the day.  A photo ID must be presented at the time of checkout.
  • If someone who is not listed as an emergency contact comes to check out your student, we will not be able to release them.
  • Check-out can be done by phone with a password or in person.  Please take into account that it may take some time to get your student released, so plan accordingly.
  • When a student is checked out, unless otherwise specified, they will be excused for the rest of the remaining periods.  If a student returns to school after being checked out, please have them sign into the attendance office so their attendance can reflect them being back on campus.


  • Tardies (T) will be the responsibility of the student to ensure his/her teacher has marked it correctly.  After 20 minutes of class time, a student is considered absent and must have an admittance note from the office to enter class.  Students are allowed three tardies, per term, per class.
  • Upon the 4th tardy, the letter grade in that particular class will change to an NC (No Credit) until the tardies are made up either through the specific teacher in that class or attendance school.  Past tardies may not be excused.


  • Students will receive a truancy (Y) when they leave a class without permission or are not in the class they are scheduled to be in.  Truancy’s may not be excuse by parents and must be made up either through the specific teacher in the class where the truancy occurred or attendance school. A truancy requires 2 hours of make-up to be cleared.


  • Marking absences will be the responsibility of the student to ensure his/her teacher has marked it correctly.  Excessive unexcused absences will be dealt with by the student advocates and admin over that alphabet.
  • One unexcused absence by a students at anytime in the term will be a grade change to an NC.
  • As per Alpine School District policy, parents have 10 days to excuse absences for their student(s).
    • Parents may send a note with their student to excuse absences within the 10 day time period, or parents can call or email the attendance office within the 10 day time period to excuse absences.
    • Absences not excused by a parent within the 10 day time period will require a meeting with an administrator to resolve the attendance issue.

Make-Up Avenues

Teacher Make-Up

  • Teachers will have set times before or after school for students to come in and receive help and make-up attendance.
  • Students will not be allowed to make up that NC with any other teacher.
  • Once attendance has been made up, the teacher will notify the attendance office and the change will be made.
  • Teacher make-up is due 1 week before the end of each term.
  • This is FREE for the student.
  • One hour spent with a teacher makes up 1 unexcused absence or 2 tardies.

Attendance School

  • Attendance school will be held before and after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Before School sessions (6:15-7:15am) are FREE and are held in room C131 or the Lecture Hall.  After school sessions (2:30-3:30pm) will be $5/session (hour) and are held in the attendance office.  Video games, iPods, and phones are not allowed.  Students must bring homework or reading material.  Be prompt!  Door will lock at start times specified.

Time for Make-Up

  • 1 hour = 1 unexcused absence
  • .5 hour = 1 tardy
  • 2 hours = Truancy