Welcome to Westlake High School and the Driver’s Education program.  This program is designed to assist students complete the Utah State Requirements and obtain a driver’s license.  Please refer to the Q&A to (below) to answer your questions.  We look forward in helping your students achieve this milestone and becoming a safe, responsible driver.

Driver’s Ed classes are offered to all those students who have a Learner’s Permit. Both morning and afternoon classes are offered and the classes are held at Westlake High School. To sign up for the class, you can either contact the front office by phone or in person, or submit the form below.  Please note:  The driver’s ed fee is $150. 

New Driving Test must be taken before new drivers can obtain a license.  Learn more HERE!

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Session 5:  April 17 – May 24, 2018 (Morning & Afternoon Classes Available)
Mandatory Parent/Student Meeting: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 @ 6:00pm in the Auditorium

Session 6:  Summer School Session #1:  June 4 – June 15, 2018  8:00am – Noon in room A103
Mandatory Parent/Student Meeting: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 @ 6:00pm in the Auditorium

Session 7:  Summer School Session #2: June 18 – June 29, 2018  8:00am – Noon in room A103
Mandatory Parent/Student Meeting: Can attend either June 6th or July 11th, 2018

Session 8:  Summer School Session #3: July 9 – July 20, 2018  8:00am – Noon in room A103
Mandatory Parent/Student Meeting: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 @ 6:00pm in A103

Note:  Sessions 1 – 5 will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s.  Morning sessions are from 6:00am – 7:20am and afternoon sessions are held from 2:40pm – 4:00pm.

Courses for the 2018-19 school year will be posted and available for registration after June 1, 2018.

Common Questions/Answers

  • How do I sign up for the Driver’s Education class at Westlake High School?
    • There are two ways to register for the class.  The first is through the Westlake website, under the “departments” section.  The second is by coming into the main office and registering at the main desk.  Remember that all students must have their Driver’s Permit (Learner’s Permit) to attend the class.
  • When is Driver’s Education offered at Westlake High School?

    • There are 8 sessions of Drivers Education offered at Westlake High School.  Five sessions are during the school year and 3 summer sessions.  You can visit the school website for exact dates of each session.  ***NEW!  Coming the fall of 2018, we will be offering an after school Accelerated Course.  This course will complete the classroom requirement in two weeks.  The class will meet Monday – Friday from 2:30-5:30pm.
  • Is Driver’s Education offered during the school day at Westlake High School?
    • Driver’s Education is offered before and after school only.  The morning class meets on T/W/Th, from 6am – 7:20am.  The afternoon class meets on T/W/Th, from 2:40pm – 4pm. The new accelerated class will be two weeks in length from 2:30-5:30pm.
  • How long is the Driver’s Education Class at Westlake High School?
    • The Driver’s Education class includes the mandatory parent/student meeting, range orientation/observation, the new street smart computer simulator program and their driver’s education lab experience.  This class is approximately 6 weeks in length.
  • What is the requirement to take the Driver Education Class?
    • Everyone who enrolls in the driver’s education class at Westlake must be at least 15 years old and must have their Utah Driver’s Permit (learner’s permit) prior to the start of the class.
  • What is the attendance policy for the Driver Education Class?
    • Perfect attendance is vital to the student’s success in the class, on the range and on the road.  Students must attend the mandatory meeting, classes, range, road with a B or better (80%) to pass the course.
  • How much does the Driver’s Education cost at Westlake High school?

    • The $140 fee can be paid at the school financial office or through My School Fees.  This includes: Classroom instruction, Observation & Range, and Road Instruction & test, which are all Utah State requirements to get a driver’s license.
  • How do I schedule Range and Road for Driver’s Education?
    • Range and road are a required component of Drivers Education.  Range and road make up 6 of the required 40 hours a student needs to drive prior to getting their license.  Range is scheduled while in the class and takes place in the evening and road is scheduled with their assigned road instructor.  All students are encouraged to schedule road when they have completed their 40+ hours of driving and are ready to be tested.
  • What if I take the Driver Education class on-line?
    • Westlake High School does not offer an on-line class.  Students who take the Driver’s Education class via on-line can schedule Range and Road through Mr. O’Connor.  Please contact him via email to be scheduled.  Students who take the class on-line still pay the fee of $95 through the financial office or on My School Fees.  Students who take the class on-line are required to complete the following:
      • Register and complete Street Smart: A Computer Simulator Program.  Registration will be available to you when you register for Range/Road.
      • Attend any Zero Fatalities Parent/Student meeting.  Zero Fatalities meetings are available here at Westlake and on the Zero Fatalities website.  Students must provide proof of attendance to their assigned road instructor.
  • Why do Parents and Students attend the Mandatory Parent/Student Meeting?
    • The Mandatory Parent/Student meeting is one of the attendance days built into the program.  This meeting is essential in setting the tone to the importance of driving and the role of the parent and student.  Utah’s Zero Fatalities in conjunction with our instructor’s, present important information regarding the class such as rules, regulations and the many obstacles and distractions young drivers face.

Please Note:  We do not offer online driver’s ed classes.

 All sessions include the state required mandatory parent/student meeting.  Meeting will include class requirements, state law, and parent/student expectations.  All classes are $140. Presentation by Zero Fatalities and Westlake High School Driver Education Instructors.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact Michael O’Connor at

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