Incoming Sophomores! Now is your chance to get involved in a club for next year.

Welcome to Westlake! Incoming Sophomore Information

Dear Freshman (2020-21 Sophomores) and Parents,
Registration for next year will begin on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 3:30 pm. Arena Scheduling (where your student will register for next year’s classes), will be open through Wednesday, April, 1 2020 at midnight.
COUNSELORS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE IN PERSON on March 25th. They will be available via email only from 3:30-5pm that day.
You can find all the required materials for registration HERE.  On this site you can find:
  • 10th Grade Registration Worksheet – Recommended Course Worksheet
  • Arena Scheduling Tutorial – A review of how to register online
  • Master Schedule – List of when classes are taught and by whom they are taught by
  • Skyward Registration Form – Form to aid in deciding which classes students are going to take and which periods
  • Full Class List – List of classes offered at Westlake
  • Westlake Choir Info – Information for Sophomores about what choir classes are best for them
  • Open Classes for Sophomores – List of classes that are available and are not full

Other forms for your future information:

  • Concurrent Enrollment – List of Concurrent Enrollment classes offered at Westlake
  • UVU Live Interactive – Live Interactive classes taught at UVU and broadcast to Westlake. Usually Junior and Senior Year
  • MTECH – List of classes offered at MTECH

If you have questions, please email your counselor and they will help you out.

Helpful Hints for Registering Sophomore Students

Helpful Hints for Registering for Sophomore Year

1) Try-outs will happen for sports, performing arts, dance, student council … please email the coach or advisor over the activity for more information on how and when this will be done (see the athletic/club/activity information paper in this packet). For now, please put in a full schedule. For any class that has a try-out spot, please put in an easy class to take out (for example: try-out student council class is A3 – put in an elective like art or CTE, not a core class – math, english,  for A3). If you are selected for the try-out class, your counselor will drop the elective class and put in the try-out class. This way, your classes will not have to be switched around.

2)  Put in a full schedule. Do not leave any blanks.

3)  Have several options ready for registration (classes may be open during other class times). Class sizes are set. Counselors will not overfill any class.

4)  Pertaining to arena scheduling–if the class size available says 5 or less spots, it means a class is full.

5)  If you received a C in Biology or a B in Bio Ag, then Earth Systems is recommended (not Chemistry for your science core).

6)  Math placement: If you received a C or lower in Secondary I, then Modern Math is recommended (this is a class that is in between Sec 1 and Sec 2).

7)  You only need to take one Social Studies elective course (.5).

8)  You must take Health.

9)  Classes that are a full year must stay in the same period with the same teacher. (see class list to know which classes are full year or semester and what they count towards for graduation)

10) Conditioning girls and boys classes are for athletes only that will be training for their high school sport. You do not need to take Fitness for Life if you sign-up for conditioning. However, you will be responsible for getting the Fitness for Life online packet from your conditioning coach when school has started. You will take the class online and your class will be counted as Fitness for Life. If you do not do the online course, you will be placed in a Fitness for Life class your Junior year.